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Scarlett Finds Her Babysitter Positions

Model Name: Brad Newman,Scarlett Alexis
Featured by: New Sensations

Description: Father and employer Brad of super cute babysitter Scarlett wanted to thank her for all her help cleaning up the huge mess left from his kid. And on his way out to work Scarlett knowing he is a physical trainer asked about a little tweak in her back from playing volleyball. Brad insisted she come upstairs and lay down so he could try to find any strains but Scarlett’s top was getting in the way and asked to take it off. Confident with Brads request as she is undressing he does take a good look at her nice perky young tits and compliments her on her beautiful body and confesses he would love to fuck her little pussy hard. Scarlett never having an older mans cock before jumps on the chance to suck his fat cock and stuff her tight wet pussy with it too for a super great facial!

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